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Welcome to www.acronym.org.uk the official website of the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy. This website contains information about the work of the Acronym Institute; it provides documentation and analysis on news, developments and ideas relating to peace, disarmament and human security in all their aspects. It is organised into five main sections:

Core Work

These are the Acronym Institute’s main areas of work, currently: Comprehensive Nuclear Disarmament, 21st Century Security, NPT, CTBT, UK Trident, Middle East WMD Free Zone.


Publications are those documents published by the Acronym Institute, divided into four types: articles and analyses, blogs, news reviews and our now discontinued in-house journal Disarmament Diplomacy

Other Documentation

The site contains a range of other externally published documentation, divided into: news, official & government documents and parliamentary records.


The Acronym Institute Directory is a comprehensive collection of documentation relating to aspects of disarmament and non-proliferation on which Acronym has expertise. The directory is divided into two sections – building security and proliferation challenges – which themselves cover numerous subjects. We provide key information on each subject followed by the most recent documentation relating to that subject plus a full archive of subject-specific documentation from 2005 onwards.

Subjects covered under building security are:
Nuclear Weapons Abolition
, Reducing Arsenals incl START, NWFZ/Security Assurances, CTBT, Nuclear Security/Fissile Materials, NPT, NPT Review Conferences, NPT Preparatory Committees, UN/CD, UN First Committee, Conference on Disarmament, UN Security Council & General Assembly, Verification/IAEA.

Subjects covered under proliferation challenges are:
Nuclear Weapons Possessors
, China, France, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, United Kingdom, Scotland/Faslane, Trident, United States, Regional Challenges, Iran, North Korea/DPRK, Nuclear Deterrence, NATO/Nuclear Allies, Missile Defence/Space, Chemical & Biological Weapons, Conventional Weapons.

Disarmament & Proliferation Map

The site has a unique map facility that enables visitors to search for information on disarmament and proliferation by country. Search for country profiles via the drop-down list or use the map to click on a country to find out which treaties it has signed up to, which international groupings and organisations it is a member of as well as other essential information related to its involvement in the disarmament and non-proliferation regime.

Other features of the website include:

  • Easily printable pages, with a “print” icon at the bottom of every page;
  • Simple sharing, with a “send to a friend” icon at the bottom of every page;
  • Several ways to keep updated including by signing up to Acronym’s occasional International and Parliamentary News Reviews, subscribing to our RSS feeds and following us on Twitter;
  • An excellent search facility (located at the top of every page);

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