Comprehensive Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear weapons constitute an ever-present threat to our lives and security.  Their use - whether intentional or accidental - would have catastrophic humanitarian consequences, with the risk that millions could die from nuclear explosions and radioactive contamination, while many more would suffer from the after effects, including climate chaos, agricultural collapse and nuclear-induced famine.  Comprehensive nuclear disarmament goes further than cold war arms control and nonproliferation. It puts global, human security first and promotes strategies and steps to devalue, ban and eliminate nuclear weapons completely. 

The determination to "achieve and maintain a world without nuclear weapons" was made an explicit international objective in the Final Document of the 2010 Review Conference of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and in resolutions of the UN Security Council and General Assembly.  Comprehensive nuclear disarmament addresses the drivers of proliferation and nuclear possession, including the roles and value that nuclear weapons possessors, NATO and others attach to nuclear weapons, whether for status, deterrence, alliance cohesion, power projection or some other construction of national identity or perception of security. In addition to supporting steps such as the CTBT, START, Nuclear Weapon Free Zones (NWFZs) and other measures to reduce nuclear arsenals and control fissile materials and nuclear technologies, the Acronym Institute's disarmament approach includes working with governments and civil society, including elected representatives, to delegitimize nuclear weapons and doctrines and pave the way for comprehensive negotiations to ban nuclear weapons.

Our work contributes to public education and awareness.  We conduct research and promote effective strategies to address all aspects of nuclear disarmament, including the political obstacles, security concerns and technical and verification requirements.  We analyze current and potential regimes to enhance the development of security without nuclear weapons. As part of our promotion of comprehensive nuclear disarmament, Acronym is exploring different legal and international approaches, including ways to stigmatize the use of nuclear weapons as a crime against humanity and a war crime and laying the groundwork for comprehensive negotiations on a global nuclear ban treaty, nuclear weapons convention or framework of agreements, as proposed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2008.

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