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We keep abreast of news relating to developments in disarmament and non-proliferation negotiations, multilateral arms control and international security, and provide short excerpts of news pieces originally published by international and domestic media.

25 January 2016

At the World Court of Women meeting held in Bangalore witnesses to violence and injustice highlighted political lessons and resistance, asking that we all take responsibility to oppose the unending wars against women.


11 November 2015

Editorial: A win for resolve and courage at First Committee
Ray Acheson | Reaching Critical Will of WILPF


2 November 2015

Editorial: Who's afraid of an open-ended working group?
Ray Acheson | Reaching Critical Will of WILPF and Thomas Nash | Article 36


1 November 2015

Scottish Labour party delegates have backed a vote to scrap the UK's Trident nuclear missile system, which is based at Faslane naval base on the Clyde.

A motion at the party's conference in Perth calling for the system not to be...

26 October 2015

Editorial: Humanitarian incantations
Ray Acheson | Reaching Critical Will of WILPF


22 October 2015

Trident is far more a political than a military entity – it does not even command uniform support across the military.

The change in leadership of the Labour Party has brought the issue of Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons...

19 October 2015

Editorial: Full-spectrum change
Ray Acheson | Reaching Critical Will of WILPF

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18 October 2015

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has appealed for Labour MPs to support the renewal of the UK’s Clyde-based Trident nuclear weapons system. Mr Fallon urged the party’s “moderates”...

17 October 2015

Over the years the SNP and the wider peace movement have built what I regard as an overwhelming case against Trident on both moral and economic grounds. Since the election in May, I - along with my colleagues in the SNP Defence Group - have been...

17 October 2015

LORD Owen, the former UK foreign secretary, has spoken of his opposition to nuclear weapons stationed on the Clyde. The former leader and co-founder of the Social Democratic Party described Trident as an "expensive financial inroad into our...