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As Trump and Kim shake hands, what does this mean for Koreans?

by Dr Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy   To implement the Singapore and Panmunjom commitments, what is needed is a collective plan to denuclearize security relations across North-East Asia.  Two vain men met in Singapore, posed for the cameras and signed … Read More

Women walking across DMZ, 26 May 2018. Jeehyun Kwon WCDMZ. All rights reserved.

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13th June 2018

The ‘Libyan Model’ is Unhelpful: Korea needs its Own Process for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament

by Dr Rebecca Johnson via InDepthNews   SEOUL (IDN) – I’m now in Seoul, taking part in the peace actions and international meetings organised by Women Cross the DMZ, referring to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. News … Read More

Photo by Stephen Wunrow

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22nd May 2018

UN talks to ban nuclear weapons: what can they achieve?

What should the nuclear ban treaty include – and what difference does it make, if nuclear-armed governments refuse to join the talks? by Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy   Although most nuclear-armed governments have made a point of publicly endorsing the … Read More

Opening session of the Nuclear Ban Treaty Negotiations at the General Assembly, March 2017.

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19th April 2017

Why the UK was wrong to back Trump’s envoy against UN nuclear disarmament talks

Ignoring protests from the US, UK and some NATO countries, two-thirds of UN member states appear determined to conclude a nuclear ban treaty this year. by Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy  Ground-breaking talks at the United Nations – negotiating a treaty … Read More

Matthew Rycroft, UK Ambassador to the UN stands beside US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Hayley at a press conference to protest the opening day of the UN Ban Treaty Negotiations, March 2017.

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10th April 2017

Negotiating a global nuclear ban treaty: nuclear-armed states vs the UN

By Dr Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy UN negotiations start today in New York on a global treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. Ignoring cross-party commitments to multilateral nuclear disarmament, Theresa May’s Government will be absent. Five months ago, on 27 October, … Read More

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27th March 2017

Nukes of Hazard: Nuclear Bomb Convoys on our Roads

Commissioned by ICAN UK, supported by The Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy, produced by Rob Edwards.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 00.16.40

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15th March 2017

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