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What to look for in the 2019 NPT by Rebecca Johnson via ELN

Commissioned by the European Leadership Network and published on 29 April 2019 as states parties to the NPT meet at the UN in New York, Rebecca Johnson’s article considers the political and diplomatic challenges that the PrepCom will need to … Read More

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30th May 2019

Stalemate for Trump and Kim, as India and Pakistan risk Nuclear War over Kashmir

Article by Rebecca Johnson via openDemocracy Description This latest article from Rebecca Johnson considers nuclear risks the important role of multilateral treaties, including the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, in denuclearizing all regions and security relations. Focussing … Read More

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28th February 2019

Who gains from Trump trashing the INF treaty Putin and Lockheed Martin

Read this article on the Open Democracy website   Photo: Bob Naylor

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7th February 2019

As Trump and Kim shake hands, what does this mean for Koreans?

by Dr Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy   To implement the Singapore and Panmunjom commitments, what is needed is a collective plan to denuclearize security relations across North-East Asia.  Two vain men met in Singapore, posed for the cameras and signed … Read More

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13th June 2018

The ‘Libyan Model’ is Unhelpful: Korea needs its Own Process for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament

by Dr Rebecca Johnson via InDepthNews   SEOUL (IDN) – I’m now in Seoul, taking part in the peace actions and international meetings organised by Women Cross the DMZ, referring to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. News … Read More

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22nd May 2018

UN talks to ban nuclear weapons: what can they achieve?

What should the nuclear ban treaty include – and what difference does it make, if nuclear-armed governments refuse to join the talks? by Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy   Although most nuclear-armed governments have made a point of publicly endorsing the … Read More

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19th April 2017

Why the UK was wrong to back Trump’s envoy against UN nuclear disarmament talks

Ignoring protests from the US, UK and some NATO countries, two-thirds of UN member states appear determined to conclude a nuclear ban treaty this year. by Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy  Ground-breaking talks at the United Nations – negotiating a treaty … Read More

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10th April 2017

Negotiating a global nuclear ban treaty: nuclear-armed states vs the UN

By Dr Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy UN negotiations start today in New York on a global treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. Ignoring cross-party commitments to multilateral nuclear disarmament, Theresa May’s Government will be absent. Five months ago, on 27 October, … Read More

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27th March 2017

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