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Hiroshima: do the British Members of Parliament remember?

When Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May said she’d press the nuclear button during the July 18 vote on Trident, what does that mean on the 71st anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing? Trident Part 2. Trident Part 1. by Rebecca Johnson via … Read More


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6th August 2016

Trident in a time warp: party politics vs defence needs

by Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy As Britain and Europe reeled from Brexit Theresa May rushed through the vote on Trident replacement. Was this strong leadership or our human security being sacrificed to expediency? Part 1. In her first parliamentary debate … Read More

Photograph: Kevin Holt/ANL/Rex/Shutterstock

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5th August 2016

What if? Security consequences of Brexit and Trident renewal.

If David Cameron survives the result of the EU referendum, he may try to rush Parliament into a vote on Trident renewal in July. What is at stake for Britain’s security? by Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy The decisions on Trident … Read More

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20th June 2016

Trident or the EU: which is better for peace and security?

Mutual security and deterrence with fewer risks has been a conscious, crucial, and underestimated role of the EU.  A Brexit vote would put this at risk and make Britain less secure. by Rebecca Johnson via OpenDemocracy Part one. Two decisions, … Read More

A Vanguard class submarine. Will its successor be able to hide in the depths in the same way? (Photo by Andrew Linnett/MoD Crown Copyright via Getty Images)
Photograph: Handout/Getty Images

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16th June 2016

Improving Transparency and Seeking Control over the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons

This is the fifth blog post in a series on official transparency reporting, where it struggles, and the important role civil society often plays in monitoring and improving global understanding of the trade and use of conventional weapons. by Natalie Goldring via Forum … Read More

Forum on the Arms Trade

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5th June 2016

OEWG Observations

The Open-ended Working Group (OEWG) established late last year by the UNGA for ‘taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations’ recently concluded the second of its three 2016 sessions. Several aspects of its work warrant reflection as the dust settles. By Tim Caughley via UNIDIR A … Read More


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18th May 2016

Dr Johnson’s statement on risk at the UN OEWG Geneva – 2nd May 2016

Thank you Mr Chairperson, I am speaking on behalf of the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy, which is also a steering group partner in ICAN. I would like to thank Dr Patricia Lewis for her very thoughtful analysis of risk, … Read More

photo to tweet - acronym statement

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2nd May 2016

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