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Nonviolent Humanitarian Campaigning for Disarmament, Peace and Our Environment

Rebecca Johnson’s keynote presentation and additional slides for the break-out workshop on feminist nonviolence for peace activism, delivered at Braziers Park Actions for Peace conference, UK, 20-21 September 2019. To download this PDF please click on the link below: http://www.acronym.org.uk/new-website/wp-content/uploads/Reb_Johnson_Braziers_Actions4Peace_21.9.19.pdf … Read More

2nd October 2019

Women, security and banning nuclear weapons

This powerpoint presentation on “Women, security and banning nuclear weapons” was given by Rebecca Johnson to an audience of students and interested members of the public on 21 February 2019, at the School of Oriental and African Students (SOAS), University … Read More

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21st February 2019

“Nuclear Weapons Treaties – Why they matter for security” Presentation by Rebecca Johnson

Dr Johnson’s January 2019 presentation to Shrivenham Defence Academy, UK, on the importance for our collective security of not undermining existing nuclear agreements, such as the 1987 INF Treaty, the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the 1968 … Read More

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29th January 2019

“From Greenham to the Nobel Peace Prize”, Presentation by Rebecca Johnson

Dr Johnson’s January 2019 presentation at the newly opened Greenham Common Museum in the Air Traffic Control Tower of the former nuclear base where ground launched cruise missiles were deployed from 1983 until they were banned and eliminated under the 1987 INF Treaty. … Read More

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16th January 2019

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