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CD hears statements from Uruguay, Bulgaria, France, and Austria, 3 September 2009

Compiled by Acronym Geneva Intern Nafiseh Baeidi

Uruguay, President First Committee, Ambassador Jose Luis Cancela

  • Announced that during the First Committee, he intends to “move forward towards the following objectives:
    1. For the First Committee to contribute to maintaining the positive climate that has been noted in last few months, and which provides a real forum for new understandings, basically bearing in mind the important Review Conference of the treaty for the non proliferation of nuclear weapons to be carried out in 2010 in New York.
    2. To increase the number of resolutions adopted by consensus as evidence that these tendencies towards the strengthening of multilateralism can be actually reflected in the resolutions of the First Committee. Despite this I nevertheless do recognize the important differences that exist on issues such as nuclear disarmament, non proliferation and arms control.
    3. The objective of the consultations I held with those delegations accredited to Geneva was precisely that of seeking points of convergence which will enable us to achieve the necessary consensus and more than necessary, absolutely essential.
    4. Lastly, to raise, through the bureau of investigations, all the suggestions, recommendation and concerns I have heard during my consultations, in order to identify possible solutions.


Bulgaria, Ambassador Gancho Ganev

  • Given the current international situation is favorable to make progress in the field of the nuclear disarmament, Bulgaria thinks that the Conference of Disarmament should take this chance to prove able to live up the expectations of the outside world.
  • Bulgaria supported the draft decision CD/1870 (and subsequent revisions) for the implementation of the decision CD 1864 for the 2009 Program of Work. It is of paramount importance to successfully conclude this year session of the Conference of Disarmament as it will build a bridge of mutual trust to the next year.


France, Ambassador Eric Danon

  • Hoped that the problems encountered by some countries, which have led to the non adoption of measures to implement CD/1864, will not be encountered in New York, and that we will be able to make progress in the first Committee on all subjects, including resolutions concerning the work done in Geneva.


CD President, Ambassador Strohal of Austria

  • Announced that the first draft of the Conference’s report to the General Assembly was circulated yesterday.
  • Notes that consensus was not reached on any of the proposals on the modalities for the implementation of the programme of work.
  • Proposed that regional coordinators come back with a final agreement in time to hold an informal meeting next Tuesday.


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