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NATO and Nuclear Weapons

In November 2010, at their Summit meeting in Lisbon, NATO members agreed a new Strategic Concept which will serve as the Alliance's 'roadmap' for the next 10 years. After President Obama made explicit his vision for a nuclear weapon free world and the need to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons, NATO members Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands called for US tactical nuclear weapons to be removed from Europe. However, despite much discussion on the subject in the run-up to the release of the Strategic Concept, the new document failed to move with the times saying instead that 'It commits NATO to the goal of creating the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons – but reconfirms that, as long as there are nuclear weapons in the world, NATO will remain a nuclear Alliance'. Nevertheless, there has been growing pressure from European civil society and some NATO governments for discussions on the future of US nuclear weapons in Europe to be undertaken as part of NATO’s Defence and Deterrence Posture Review (DDPR). The DDPR was mandated following last year’s debates over revising the Strategic Concept, and is scheduled to be completed by May 2012.

NATO states call for removal of us nuclear weapons from europe

In late February 2010, several newspapers reported that five NATO states - Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway- plan to call for the removal of all the remaining US nuclear weapons on European soil. This follows the earlier call by a Belgian 'Gang of Four' in an op-ed piece in the country's national newspaper 'De Standaard', and the adoption last year by the German coalition government of a policy pressing for the removal of US nuclear weapons from Europe.

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