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Statemets from Belarus and Canada, 8 September 2009

Compiled by Acronym Geneva Intern Nafiseh Baeidi

Belarus, Ambassador Mikhail Khvostov

  • Said that the adoption of the programme of work was a positive sign but the inability of the conference to agree on its implementation demonstrated that it still had not achieved a balance of security interests.
  • Mentioned security, arms control, non-proliferation and disarmament as priority areas in Belarus’ foreign policy.
  • Pointed out that the process of Belarus’s renouncing nuclear weapons and excessive conventional weapons was far from easy either politically or economically.
  • Noted that Belarus has become a party to all multilateral agreements and regimes aimed at reducing, controlling and promoting non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Strengthening regional security structures was of particular interest to Belarus. Belarus took a positive view of existing dynamics in the relationship with its historic allies.
  • Expressed willingness to cooperate closely within the bureau of presidents of 2010 and to build up cooperation to that end starting this year.


Canada, Ambassador Marius Grinius

  • Introduced the report from UNIDIR’s space security seminar, organized by UNIDIR with support from the governments of China, Russian Federation, and Canada, as well as from the Secure World Foundation and the Simon’s Foundation, entitled "Moving towards a safer space environment", and requested this report to be issued as an official CD document.


Susi Snyder, President Geneva NGO Committee for Disarmament

  • Outlined suggestions by civil society on Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space, including a treaty banning space debris-causing weapons, a treaty on common security in outer space, and a space preservation treaty. She also highlighted the framework set out by Dr. Rebecca Johnson of the Acronym Institute, that a step “that should now be pursued by everyone - is to recognize in law the widely accepted fact that any use of nuclear weapons would be a crime against humanity’’


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