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Joint statement by France and India, New Dehli, January 25, 2008

State visit to India Joint statement by France and India New Dehli, January 25, 2008, Excerpts.

President Nicolas Sarkozy's State visit to India and his presence as the Chief Guest at the Republic Day commemorations reflects the shared commitment of both India and France to provide fresh impetus to their strategic partnership…

III. Development of Civil Nuclear Cooperation

France and India have decided to give a new impetus to their cooperation for the development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes as an expression of their strategic partnership. Both sides recognize that as a reliable source of sustainable and non-polluting energy, it could make a significant contribution to meeting the global challenge of achieving energy security, sustainable development, economic growth and limiting climate change. As responsible states with advanced nuclear technologies, including in the nuclear fuel cycle, France and India are interested to promote nuclear energy with the highest standards of safety and security and in accordance with their respective nuclear policies and international obligations. France and India share common concerns and objectives in the field of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery including in view of possible linkages to terrorism. In this regard, France appreciates India's long standing and continuing contributions to international non-proliferation.

Building on their on-going decades-old cooperation in the fields of fundamental and applied research, and nuclear safety, it was agreed to broaden and boost this partnership. To this end, France and India have finalized negotiation in regard to reaching a bilateral agreement for civil nuclear cooperation. This agreement will form the basis of wide ranging bilateral cooperation from basic and applied research to full civil nuclear cooperation including reactors, fuel supply and management. To this end, both sides look forward to the finalization of India specific safeguards agreement with the IAEA and the adjustment of international civil nuclear cooperation framework. France expressed its support for the same.

Another agreement has been signed today in the field of nuclear research, which is a key for preparing for the future. It relates to the participation of the Indian Department of Atomic Energy in the research project, the Jules Horowitz Reactor, which will be built by the Commissariat à l'énergie atomique (French Atomic Energy Commission) at Cadarache, France. An MOU that establishes cooperation between the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research on the one hand, and the Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds (GANIL), on the other hand, on the use of Spiral 2 high intensity beam production system at Caen, France will be signed in Mumbai. India and France also agreed to intensify exchanges between the scientists of both countries in the nuclear field; establish structures for training and undertake nuclear safety research. In addition, the existing dialogue between respective nuclear safety authorities will also be reinforced especially the context of future industrial cooperation. At the industrial and commercial levels, France and India agreed to work towards raising the level of bilateral cooperation guided by their deep mutual trust and the high technological capabilities of the two countries.

Source: Embassy of France in the United States, http://www.ambafrance-us.org.

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