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US-North Korea Understandings on Verification, 11 October 2008

U.S.-North Korea Understandings on Verification, Fact Sheet Office of the Spokesman, State Department, Washington, DC, 11 October 2008.

  • The participants in the Six-Party Talks have for some time been discussing the importance of verification measures that will allow the Parties to reliably verify North Korea’s denuclearization as the process moves forward.
  • The Six-Party Heads of Delegation met in July to discuss verification measures, and draft papers were exchanged among the Parties.
  • On July 12, China, the Chair of the Six-Party Talks, released a Press Communiqué stating that verification measures would include visits to facilities, review of documents, and interviews with technical personnel as well as other measures unanimously agreed among the Six Parties.
  • Upon the invitation of the North Korean government, a U.S. negotiating team on behalf of the Six Parties visited Pyongyang from October 1 – 3 for intensive talks on verification measures.
  • Based upon these discussions, U.S. and North Korean negotiators agreed on a number of important verification measures, including:

    • Agreement that experts from all Six Parties may participate in verification activities, including experts from non-nuclear states;
    • Agreement that the IAEA will have an important consultative and support role in verification
    • Agreement that experts will have access to all declared facilities and, based on mutual consent, to undeclared sites;
    • Agreement on the use of scientific procedures, including sampling and forensic activities; and
    • Agreement that all measures contained in the Verification Protocol will apply to the plutonium-based program and any uranium enrichment and proliferation activities. In addition, the Monitoring Mechanism already agreed by the Six Parties to monitor compliance with Six-Party documents applies to proliferation and uranium enrichment activities.
  • The U.S.-DPRK agreement on these verification measures has been codified in a joint document between the United States and North Korea and certain other understandings, and has been reaffirmed through intensive consultations. The agreement and associated understandings have been conveyed to the other parties.
  • These measures will serve as the baseline for a Verification Protocol to be finalized and adopted by the Six Parties in the near future.
  • Verification of the North Korea declaration submitted on June 26 has already begun with review of the over 18,000 pages of operating records from Yongbyon that North Korea provided on May 8.

Source: US Department of State, www.state.gov.

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