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Russian Statement on Adoption of the UN Security Council Presidential Statement over the Recent Rocket Launch by the DPRK, 14 April 2009

Press Release On the Adoption of the UN Security Council Presidential Statement over the Recent Rocket Launch by the DPRK, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 14 April 2009.

The UN Security Council on April 13 after thorough consultations unanimously adopted a Presidential Statement over the April 5 rocket launch by the DPRK. Russia supported this decision.

The Russian side is satisfied that the Council did not adopt a resolution, but a Presidential Statement, which was, in our opinion, an optimal solution in this situation. In the end a compromise was achieved, with which all members of the UN Security Council agreed.

In this connection it is necessary to point out that Russia had repeatedly and persistently recommended that the DPRK not conduct any rocket experiment, warning of the inevitable negative reaction of neighboring states and the entire world community. Unfortunately, the partners had not listened to our advice, as a result of which the question fell into the field of vision of the UN Security Council.

In the statement adopted, the Council directed the Sanctions Committee within the framework of the powers it already has under resolution 1718 to review the list of goods, entities and persons falling under the existing bans. This does not mean toughening the sanctions regime.

It is important that the statement draws attention to the priority of preserving the six-party Korean Peninsula nuclear talks, and in this connection, calls upon all its participants to comply fully with the obligations assumed in the framework of this process.

The Russian side regrets that Pyongyang responded to the legitimate and balanced reaction of the UN Security Council by announcing that it was withdrawing from the six-party talks and resuming its nuclear program. We call upon the DPRK to comply with UNSCR 1718 and the provisions of the September 19, 2005 Joint Statement issued by China, the DPRK, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia and the United States, and to return to the negotiating table in the interests of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and finding reliable peaceful methods for ensuring security in Northeast Asia for all states situated in this region. For its part the Russian Federation is ready to facilitate achieving these goals.

Source: Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, www.russianembassy.org.

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