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Nuclear Non-Proliferation News

Subscribe to Acronym Institute News ReviewssWelcome to Nuclear Non-Proliferation News, an occasional news service from the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy. We aim to provide links to a selection of UK and international news stories relevant to nuclear weapons and proliferation issues. We welcome your comments and feedback. Please send your comments to

Edition 15, Summer 2011 - International News

Read the overview here

1) Arms control & missile defence
2) The existing regime: NPT implementation, CTBT entry into force & fissile materials negotiation
3) UK Trident renewal
4) Proliferation Challenges and Updates
i) Iran
ii) North Korea
iii) Potential New Proliferators: Syria and Myanmar (Burma)
iv) India & Pakistan
5) Other disarmament news

Edition 14, Spring 2011 - International News

The Acronym Institute’s International Nuclear Weapons  & Non-Proliferation News, comprises a digest of news on global nuclear weapons policy issues as well as wider disarmament developments and proliferation challenges. Read the overview of the Spring 2011 edition here

1) Nuclear crisis in Japan
2) Proliferation Challenges and Updates
i) Iran
ii) North Korea
iii) India & Pakistan
iv) Israel
v) Myanmar/Burma
vi) Syria
3) New START
4) NATO nuclear policy
The United Kingdom
Prospects for nuclear disarmament
Other News

Edition 13, Spring/Summer 2010 - International News

Read the overview here

  1. Nuclear Disarmament Assessments
  2. NPT Review Conference
    US Nuclear Developments
  3. Agreement on New START
  4. US Nuclear Posture Review
  5. Nuclear Security Summit
  6. Obama assessed one year on
  7. Continuing controversy: Missile Defence & Space
  8. NATO Nuclear Weapons
    Proliferation Challenges

  9. Iranian dispute continues
  10. Nuclear North Korea: Tensions mount
  11. Israeli nuclear weapons in the spotlight
  12. Nuclear dealings: India & Pakistan
  13. New Proliferators
  14. In Other News

Edition 12, Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 - International News

Read the overview here

1. Preparing the way for nuclear disarmament
2. Progress stalls at CD
3. Prospects for the NPT  
4. US nuclear spending and delayed posture review
5. START Follow-on
6. Contradictory signals on missile defence
7. New IAEA Director-General and increased pressure on Iran
8. North Korea
9. India & Pakistan
10. In other news
11. People

Edition 11, Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 - British News

  1. Trident Renewal: Developments and Concerns
  2. UK Nuclear Weapons Infrastructure and Safety Issues
  3. Launch of New “Top Level” Cross-Party Group
  4. SNP Party Conference – Trident and Scottish Independence
  5. Calls for the UK to take Further Disarmament Steps
  6. Chilcot Inquiry on the Iraq War
  7. People

Edition 10, Summer 2009


British News

International News

Edition 9, 25 February 2009

British News

International News

Edition 8, 15 December 2008

US Election and Disarmament Initiatives

News from the UK

International News

Edition 7, 12 June 2008

Edition 6, December 21, 2007

Edition 5, November 5, 2007

Edition 4, September 10, 2007

Edition 3, July 9, 2007

UK News


Edition 2, June 12, 2007

UK News


Edition 1, May 10, 2007

  • Controversy over Faslane base in the Scottish elections
  • Demonstrations continue against the UK's decision to renew Trident
  • Latest news from the arms companies
  • NATO, Russia clash over missile defence and the CFE treaty
  • House Armed Services Committee votes to review US nuclear posture
  • Experts say Bush hasn't made case for new generation of nuclear weapons

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