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The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

2010 NPT Review Conference

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The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) held its 8th Review Conference during 3-28 May in New York 2010. Acronym Institute Director Dr Rebecca Johnson was present at the conference and wrote a daily blog covering the proceedings.

NPT Briefings: 2010 & Beyond

Acronym produced a series of key briefings for the 2010 NPT Review Conference and beyond. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of key thinkers, analysts and experts in the field of multilateral arms control and international security, the briefings address some of the core issues relating to the NPT, non-proliferation and disarmament with the aim of enhancing the conference outcome and developing collective strategies to move towards security in a world free of nuclear weapons.

Key documents

Daily Acronym Institute blogs from conference

Other Acronym Anaylsis of the 2010 Rev Con

  • Rhetoric and reality, contradictions in the midst of change: The UK government role at the 2010 NPT Review Conference, by Kat Barton, January 2011
    This article explores the role played by the UK government in the run-up to, during and after the 2010 NPT Review Conference and reflects on the prospects for the UK's fulfilment of its disarmament obligations under the NPT. It will be published in Italian in March 2011 in Chiara Bonaiuti and Achille Lodovisi (ed.), 'Perspectives for Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Disarmament between Rhetoric and Reality, The NPT at the VIII Review Conference, The role of Europe', Italian Yearbook on Arms and Disarmament, Pisa, Edizioni Plus.

  • Assessing the NPT Review Conference, by Rebecca Johnson
    In this article for The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Acronym Institute Director Dr Rebecca Johnson, reflects on this year's NPT Review Conference calling it 'a necessary success' with 'far-reaching implications'. Published July 2010. Download the PDF here

  • NPT: Challenging the Nuclear Powers' Fiefdom, 15 June 2010
    The NPT Review provided a bridge between the partial non-proliferation approach of the NPT and the comprehensive abolition objectives of a nuclear weapons convention. It will no longer be possible for governments to dismiss calls for a comprehensive nuclear abolition treaty. Originally published in Open Democracy.
  • NPT: the gulf between the nuclear haves and have-nots, 26 May 2010
    The key question as the conference enters the endgame is whether the P-5 nuclear weapon states are willing to drop their demands for the removal of so many of the disarmament commitments that are important to the non-nuclear countries, including references to a nuclear weapons convention or time bound framework to achieve the total elimination of nuclear weapons. Originally published by OpenDemocracy
  • NPT conference: half time glass half full, 17 May 2010
    Frustration at the failure of nuclear weapon states to honour the agreements made at previous NPT Conferences is growing. In heated exchanges in New York the 184 countries without nuclear weapons want to ensure that this time the NPT outcome has direction, accountability and muscle. Half way through the conference Rebecca Johnson reports that there is still everything to play for. Originally published by OpenDemocracy

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