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United States

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The Obama administration is taking office against a background of increasing calls for progress on a range of non-proliferation and disarmament initiatives, including CTBT ratification by the US with a view to achieving the Treaty's entry into force; fissile material talks; and further deep cuts in existing nuclear arsenals.

In her confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Hillary Clinton gives an early indication of the likely direction of an Obama Administration. On 5 April 2009, President Obama set out his administration's approach to nuclear disarmament, saying that the US would lead efforts to make progress towards a nuclear weapon-free world.

Special UN Security Council session, September 2009

President Obama will chair a special session of the UN Security Council at heads of state level on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament on Thursday 24 September. The US, which holds the Presidency of the UN Security Council this month, has circulated a draft Security Council resolution calling on all countries with nuclear weapons to get rid of them.

President Obama will also make his debut address to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday 23 September. The Conference on Facilitating the Entry into Force of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty will also be taking place at the UN from 23 - 25 September. Acronym Institute Executive Director Rebecca Johnson will be at the UN in New York for the meetings.

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Acronym Institute Executive Director Dr Rebecca Johnson was part of a plenary panel on International Expectations of the Obama Administration, chaired by Naila Bolus of the Ploughshares Fund.

Transcripts, video and audio recordings of the panel are available from the CEIP website at:

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For an archive of material on US nuclear policy including US-Russia relations go to: www.acronym.org.uk/start.

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