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Disarmament Diplomacy

Disarmament Diplomacy has been the Acronym Institute's in-house journal since 1997, providing critical coverage of developments in disarmament negotiations, multilateral arms control and international security for opinion-formers and policy-makers in governments and among nongovernmental organisations and civil society around the world.

Disarmament Diplomacy welcomes letters and comments on our coverage and especially invites ideas and proposals on the changing geostrategic environment and ways to enhance multilateral arms control and international security. We welcome well-argued and informed papers on these subjects and will respond to authors, but cannot undertake to publish everything we receive. We do not at present have a letters page, but may develop one in the future.
Editor's email: rej@acronym.org.uk

Disarmament Diplomacy was the successor journal to the fortnightly Nuclear Proliferation News, founded in 1994 by Sean Howard and published by the Farndon House Information Trust on behalf of the Acronym Consortium. Until it merged with the Acronym Institute in 1997, Disarmament Diplomacy was also published under the auspices of FHIT and early copies of this and NPN may be obtained from http://csf.colorado.edu/dfax.

Issue No.91, Summer 2009

Issue No.90, Spring 2009

Issue No.89, Winter 2008

Issue No.88, Summer 2008

Issue No.87, Spring 2008

Issue No.86, Autumn 2007

Issue No. 85, Summer 2007

Issue No. 84, Spring 2007

Issue No. 83, Winter 2006

Disarmament Diplomacy, Issue No. 82, Spring 2006

Issue No. 81, Winter 2005

Issue No. 80, Autumn 2005

Issue No. 79, April/May 2005

Issue No. 78, July/August 2004

Issue No. 77, May/June 2004

Issue No. 76, March/April 2004

Issue No. 75, January/February 2004

Issue No. 74, December 2003

Issue No. 73, October - November 2003

Issue No. 72, August - September 2003

Issue No. 71, June - July 2003

Issue No. 70, April - May 2003

Issue No. 69, February - March 2003

Issue No. 68, December 2002 - January 2003

Issue No. 67, October - November 2002

Issue No. 66, September 2002

Issue No. 65, July - August 2002

Issue No. 64, May - June 2002

Issue No. 63, March - April 2002

Issue No. 62, January - February 2002

Also, News Review, including: South Asia crisis; US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty; speculation on future US nuclear testing; low yield nuclear weapons; latest on Iraq and North Korea, and latest arms control developments.

Issue No. 61, October - November 2001

Also, News Review and Documents and Sources, including: Bush-Putin summit; Bush Statement on BWC; Concern over Pakistan Nuclear Weapons; Russia and Iran; US-Korea; UN-Iraq relations stalled; No Breakthrough in US-China discussions.

Issue No. 60, September 2001

Also, News Review and Documents and Sources, including: UN Secretary-General's Annual Report; Ottawa Convention Meeting; IAEA General Conference; Interview with Russian President; Speech by Russian Foreign Minister; US Quadrennial Defense Review; US-Indian Nuclear Policy; MTCR Plenary Meeting; Missile Defence Overshadowed by Attack on US; US lifts South Asia sanctions; DoD Reported to Recommend Use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons; US Biological Warfare Research.

Issue No. 59, July - August 2001

Also, News Review and Documents and Sources, including: Full Coverage of Bush-Putin talks in Genoa; Missile Defence Test; Putin P-5 initiative; UK Controversy over Missile Defence; UN Small Arms Conference documents; and US position on Testing.

Issue No. 58, June 2001

Also, News Review and Documents and Sources, including: Full Coverage of President Bush Visit to Europe; Carnegie Non-Proliferation Conference; Rumsfeld Testimony; Missile Defence Plans; South Asia; North Korea; Russia.

Issue No. 57, May 2001

Also, News Review and Documents and Sources, including: US Missile Defence Consultations; NATO Ministerial Meetings; US Space Policy Initiative; Indian Anti-Nuclear Movement; China and Taiwan; Russia; North Korea; Iraq.

Issue No. 56, April 2001

Also, News Review and Documents and Sources, including: Bush speech on Missile Defence; UN Disarmament Commission; Bush Administration on nuclear weapons and non-proliferation spending plans; Scottish High Court ruling on Trident; North Korea; Pakistan on CTBT; Iraq.

Issue No. 55, March 2001

Uncertainties in US Arms Control; Nuclear Cooperation in South Asia; Moving Beyond Missile Defence; Reviving the CD Agenda; CD and BWC Updates; statements on misile defence and nuclear threat reduction; US-North KOrea relations on hold; no concrete progress in UN-Iraq talks.

Issue No. 54, February 2001

Nuclear command and control in South Asia; NATO's nuclear review; WMD production and the environment; the future of the MTCR; CD Report; BWC Report; Russian and US ABM Plans; Congressional Testimony; Scientists' and Engineers' Anti-WMD Pledge; US-UK airstrikes in Iraq; Indian misisle test; Russia CW destruction plans.

Issue No. 53, December 2000/January 2001

US-Sino Arms Control; the Bush Presidency and the CTBT; Canada and Nuclear Disarmament; CD Update and Analysis; NATO Arms Control Report and Meetings; Bush Team Confirmation Hearings; Missile Defence Developments; Warnings on US and Russia Nuclear Stockpiles; UN-Iraq Policy Crisis.

Issue No. 52, November 2000

A Bush Administration & Arms Control in South Asia; South Africa's apartheid CBW Programme; First Committee Report; Russia statement on nuclear reductions; China and US announcements on exports and sanctions; OSCE small arms document; Russia-Iran arms sale row; US-North Korea talks; Iraq predicts end of sanctions; UN debates women in conflict.

Issue No. 51, October 2000

CTBT Commission; Failing the Test in South Asia; First Committee Interim Report; US-Russia Discussions; MTCR Meeting; China White Paper; NMD Debate; US Defence Budget; Rapid US-North Korea Progress; Widening Divisions over Iraq.

Issue No. 50, September 2000

NMD Deferral Decision; Russian Nuclear Policy Debate; CD Report; UN Millenium Summit; IAEA, Landmines & Children-in-War Conferences; Wen Ho Lee Freed; US nuclear weapons programme; US-North Korea thaw; UN-Iraq deadlock.

Issue No. 49, August 2000

NATO Nuclear Policy & The NPT; Naval Nuclear Fuel Transparency; The UN and Small Arms; Clinton NMD Decision & Related Developments; CIA Non-Proliferation Report; Hiroshima & Nagasaki Anniversary; North Korea Missile Offer; Iraq-UN Crisis

Issue No. 48, July 2000

The New NPT Commitments; Russian Nuclear Policy Debate; Gender, Conflict and Peace in Africa; UK Parliament Update; BWC UPdate; G8 & ASEAN Meetings; NMD Statements and Test Failure; US-North Korea Discussions; UN-Iraq Stalemate

Issue No. 47, June 2000

The New NPT Pledge; For and Against the Ottawa Convention; CD Update; Missile Defense Crisis; Clinton and Cohen in Moscow; South Asia Nuclear Anniversary; UN-Iraq Stalemate

Issue No. 46, May 2000

NPT Review Conference - Report & analysis; CWC Report; US-Russia Nuclear Deadlock; America the Rogue?; Gore & Bush speeches; Build-up to Clinton-Putin Summit. Iraq and North Korea developments

Issue No. 45, April 2000

NPT Review Conference Opens; Japan and Nuclear Disarmament; Small Arms & the OSCE; Russia Ratifies START II & CTBT; BWC Discussions & Anniversary; Statement by Senator Helms; UN Millennium Report; US Nuclear Stockpile Developments

Issue No. 44, March 2000

April Foolishness; NMD - Deploying Disaster; ABM Treaty Revisions - A Challenge to Russia; BMD - A French View; Nuclear Arms Control: Reversing Negative Trends; Russian Perceptions of Nuclear Weapons; British Parliamentary Update; Geneva Update; Cohen on BMD; Albright on NPT; Clinton on NPT & CTBT; Clinton's South Asia Visit.

Issue No. 43, January/February 2000

China's View of US NMD Plans; Israel Debates Nuclear Policy; International Relations in a Unipolar World; Geneva Update; BWC Update; British Parliamentary Update; New Russian Security Concept; US NMD Plans; Kofi Annan on Disarmament; START & ABM; New UN Iraq Commission; Clinton to Visit S. Asia.

Issue No. 42, December 1999

Held hostage by the experts; Nuclear weapons on trial; NMD questions; NATO ministers fudge; BWC report; Withdrawal clauses & disarmament treaties; New Trident legal ruling; Iraq & the Security Council; US & North Korea; Russia & the ABM Treaty; South Asian nuclear diplomacy.

Issue No. 41, November 1999

CTBT after Senate vote; Clinton and CBW; UN and Iraq; UNGA First Committee report; Pentagon Panel urges NMD delay; Pakistan and Indian nuclear doctrine; NMD and the ABM Treaty, Doubts about Canada's plutonium plans, Britain and Bosnia eliminate anti-personnel landmines

Issue No. 40, September - October 1999

CTBT in Crisis; BTWC Discussions; Pros and Cons of De-alerting; UN First Committee; 1999 IAEA Conference; Coup in Pakistan; Ballistic Missiles Threats report; Africa Arms Register; Civilians in Armed Conflict

Issue No. 39, July - August 1999

ABM Treaty in doubt; BWC Progress Report; End of CD 1999 Session; Tokyo Forum; India Nuclear Doctrine; US-Russia Discussions; China Disclosures; North Korea Missile Speculation; UN Acrimony over Iraq Policy

Issue No. 38, June 1999

NATO at 50: Papering Over the Cracks; The Roots of India's Nuclear Policy; CWC Update; UK Parliament Report; CD Report & Statements; US-Russia Statement; Kosovo & Kashmir; China Nuclear Spying; Missile Defence; Iraq Deadlock.

Issue No. 37, May 1999

Prospects for CTBT Entry into Force; NPT Review; Geneva Update; Kosovo & Kashmir Conflicts; Nuclear Tests Anniversary; Landmines Meeting; Hague Appeal for Peace; China Spying Allegations

Issue No. 36, April 1999

NPT Prepcom Preview; Using the NPT to Get to Zero; India's Nuclear Policy; India & Pakistan Missile Tests; War in Kosovo; NATO Summit; China Spying Storm; Iraq & North Korea Crisis

Issue No. 35, March 1999

NATO at War - Special Editorial; NATO at 50 - Analysis; UN Arms Register; Nuclear-Free Zone in Northeast Asia; Biological Weapons Convention Report; CD Report; Missile Defence Developments; US-China Controversies; North Korea and Iraq Crises

Issue No. 34, February 1999

Latin American Security; Human Rights & Arms Control; Future Nuclear Disarmament; Fissban; CD Report; 'Global Action to Prevent War' Initiative; Ottawa Convention; Iraq & North Korean Crises; South Asian Diplomacy.

Issue No. 33, December 1998 - January 1999

Persian Gulf Security & Iraq Policy after the Bombing; Rescuing the NPT; Nuclear Use; Reconvening the Canberra Commission; NATO Meetings; US Missile Defence; START II Delayed.

Issue No. 32, November 1998

UN First Committee Report; CWC Update; Small Arms Initiatives; Speeches on Nuclear Elimination by Butler, Keating and Kerrey; START II Progress; Developments in North Korea and Iraq.

Issue No. 31, October 1998

Controlling Missile Proliferation; Future of the ABM Treaty; UK Parliament Debate; UN First Committee; Pugwash Special Statement; UN-Iraq Gulf Widens.

Issue No. 30, September 1998

US Non-proliferation Policy; New Nuclear Realities; Anti-Nuclear Protest in the UK; UN General Assembly; IAEA Conference; Ottawa Convention; North Korea & Iraq Crises.

Issue No. 29, August-September 1998

The Post-tests Arms Control Crisis; French Defence Planning; CTBT Update; CD Update; US-Russia; NAM and SAARC Summits; US Bombing Raids; Missile Tests by Iran and North Korea.

Issue No. 28, July 1998

Special Feature: The UK Strategic Defence Review; Commentary - South Asian Nuclear Crisis; US-Russian Agreements & New Export Controls; Russian Nuclear Strategy Meeting.

Issue No. 27, June 1998

Iranian Confidence-building Measures; Managing the Nuclear Arms Race in South Asia; Aftermath of India & Pakistan Tests; IAEA Safeguards; CD Update; US-China Summit; START II Delay.

Issue No. 26, May 1998

India & Pakistan Nuclear Tests: Special Feature: NPT Prepcom - Analysis and Documents; CD Update; NATO & G8 Meetings; START II

Issue No. 25, April 1998

Nuclear Disarmament and Nuclear Energy; Russian Nuclear Policy; Iraq Sanctions Regime; Report on NPT Meeting; Reaction to India

Issue No. 24, March 1998

The 'Nearly War' in Iraq; Strengths and Weaknesses of the Ottawa Treaty; Banning 'Wicked Weapons'; CD report; Mines Action Workshop; US Congressional Testimony

Issue No. 23, February 1998

Abolition Statement by International Leaders; The Use and Threat of Use of Nuclear Weapons; US Arms Sales to Latin America; CD Report; Iraq Crisis

Issue No. 22, January 1998

Preventing 'small' wars; the UN Arms Register; CD report; US arms control agenda - letter from Helms to Clinton; crisis in Iraq.

Issue No. 21, December 1997

The future of the CD; tactical nuclear weapons; the BWC; the CWC; the Ottawa Landmines Convention; NATO Meetings.

Issue No. 20, November 1997

Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones; Nuclear Safeguards; Nuclear Terrorism; UN First Committee; US-China Summit.

Issue No. 19, October 1997

US-Russia nuclear reductions; options for eliminating nuclear weapons; the UN Arms Register; UN General Assembly and First Committee debates.

Issue No. 18, September 1997

Crisis in the CD; NATO Expansion; Oslo Landmines Conference; UN General Assembly debate; Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission.

Issue No. 17, July-August 1997

Making the CD more accountable; the CD and regional security; British nuclear policy; UN reform and disarmament; US subcritical nuclear test.

Issue No. 16, June 1997

Not yet available on the web The NPT review process; IAEA safeguards; landmines; CD report; NATO meetings.

Issue No. 15, May 1997

Approaches to nuclear disarmament; the NPT review process; the CWC; CD report; IAEA safeguards protocol; NATO-Russia Founding Act; NATO meetings; landmines.

Issue No. 14, April 1997

CD opinion piece; priorities for the NPT; NPT Preparatory Committee report; landmines; US-Russia Helsinki Summit; US CWC ratification.

Issue No. 13, February-March 1997

Abolishing war; a new beginning for the NPT; CTBT report; CD report; NATO Expansion; Counterproliferation.

Issue No. 12, January 1997

Not yet available on the web Indian nuclear policy; French nuclear policy; a holistic approach to disarmament; CD report.

Issue No. 11, December 1996

NATO Expansion and nuclear disarmament; IAEA safeguards; UN General Assembly resolutions; NATO meetings; Wassenaar Arrangement.

Issue No. 10, November 1996

The need for more debate; First Committee report; CTBT report; CWC entry-into-force; BWC review conference.

Issue No. 9, October 1996

Global verses regional nuclear disarmament; the nuclear disarmament shell game; nuclear-weapon-free zones; Ottawa landmines declaration.

Issue No. 8, September 1996

Dilemmas for the CD; the case against timebound negotiations; nuclear negotiations and the UN; the BWC; World Court ruling; CTBT signing report; CD report.

Issue No. 7, July-August 1996

The case for a nuclear-weapon-free world; nuclear disarmament in the post-Cold War world; the BWC; CD report; summary of CTBT; Canberra Commission.

Issue No. 6, June 1996

Main disarmament objectives; changing arms control objectives; Ukraine and disarmament; CD report; CFE conference; NATO meetings.

Issue No. 5, May 1996

The CD agenda; priorities for CD reform; CD report; landmines; G8 nuclear safety summit.

Issue No. 4, April 1996

The CTBT and South Asia; the multilateral disarmament agenda; the CD and a nuclear-weapon-free world; Pelindaba Treaty; landmines.

Issue No. 3, March 1996

A new CD agenda; the need for conventional arms control; small arms; CD report.

Issue No. 2, February 1996

Fissile material cut-off; prospects for deep nuclear cuts; CD report; Canberra Commission; Wassenaar Arrangement.

Issue No. 1, January 1996

Next steps for the CD; CD report; UN General Assembly resolutions; Bangkok Treaty; NATO meetings.

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